Austin Eats: Donuts, Tacos, BBQ

I’ve been getting a lot of comments offline — while the Junction House was an interesting stop outside of Austin, it just didn’t jibe with them. Yes, it is a horror movie but I did I really have to use screenshots from the movie??? While I’m in full agreement that horror movies are not my... Continue Reading →

Food Detour: Scenes from the Road

This summer has been filled with road trips. It started with a trip through Ohio into Michigan, around Lake Erie through Canada and back through New York State and Pennsylvania. While I'm sure there are more road trips planned for the future, the one thing that always gets me are the unique roadside attractions. You... Continue Reading →

Canada: America’s Hat

Canada is many things to me: A place we used to visit every summer when my dad was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Station oh so many years ago. Many adolescent road trips to extended family in Ontario. The land of maple syrup and Canadian bacon. And just recently, a place of many food discoveries.... Continue Reading →

Cleveland Rocks!

This is my third visit to Cleveland since my brother, Warren, moved there from Detroit. I don't bother doing research on what to do whenever I visit because he knows of all the great places to eat and visit — both little hideaways as well as fancy places. The last visit to Cleveland was two... Continue Reading →

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