IKEA Not: IKEA Now Sells Candy

Late last year and early into this year, I was in a frenzy to get our bedroom into tip top shape. That includes upgrading our full-sized bed – yes, full! – into a queen, buying a bed frame and installing floating shelves to save space in our tight quarters. This involved multiple trips to and... Continue Reading →

Syrup and candy

There's not much I can add about this year's Comic Con. The event took over downtown for a few days and luckily I didn't have to travel too far to help my fiance at his booth.There were no lack of pirates and the whole Lords of the Rings phase has died out due to the... Continue Reading →

Candy, my vice

Once in a blue moon, I long for a candy bar. Not a whole candy bar but a taste of something sweet. But have you gone into the candy aisle recently? Slews upon slews of something to fill your sweet tooth. My personal favorite: Three Muskateers.

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