No wire hangers!

My side of the closet. Notice hangers that are the same color as well as the old retro Mac.I'm very territorial about my hangers. I like all my clothes on hangers that are neither wire nor wood but instead plastic and of course, all the same color. I spent a pretty penny on my clothes... Continue Reading →

Parting shot

Seen in Pizza Man restaurant, Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood.Darlene and I went to NoHo/Burbank last month to visit some old haunts, including one of our favorite comics shops, the best Cuban bakery located in a non-Communist country and Pizza Man, a small chain of pizzerias that we'd come to love.I don't know why we originally... Continue Reading →

Behold! The mighty potato ball!!

I've been meaning to blog about Porto's Bakery in Burbank for a while now. It's a Cuban cafe and bakery that is always packed on weekends. The Burbank location is the newest of two locations, with the original store in Glendale. Finding seats during the lunch hour rush is a challenge but the wait in... Continue Reading →

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