Trader Joe’s Podcast and Trader Joe’s Overseas

Part of my daily 45+ minute walk with Doctor is listening to a podcast. It’s something that makes the time go faster while being entertained and/or educated. Podcasts in my rotation include Radiolab, NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, The Splendid Table, The Sporkful, Nerd for a Living, Forever 35, BJ Shea’s Geek Nation and just recently... Continue Reading →

Just can’t get past that nasty butt

Last month, Darlene ordered two dozen cannelés from Williams-Sonoma. We'd never had them before, as they seemed to be a luxurious, decadent treat only available online or in European pastry shoppes.FedEx delivered the styrofoam-and-dry-ice package. I took a look at them and couldn't figure out what they were (besides possibly the mutant offspring of a... Continue Reading →

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