Avocado: Cheesecake Shot

It's hard to convince someone that cheesecake doesn't have to be traditional. You know— the rich cream cheese-laden cake with sometimes decadent topping. I personally like my cheesecake unadorned to taste the full fat of the cheese. Sometimes a strawberry topping for some added color to a blank palette is a welcome addition. But when I... Continue Reading →

The Sweeter Side of Avocado

Admittedly, I wasn't a fan of avocado growing up. It was always prepared sweet: in shakes, eaten as ice cream... really unthinkable things especially for a kid with an aversion to green things. It was always a big no-no for me. The color of these dishes were unappealing and it swayed me from exploring the... Continue Reading →

Avocado: It’s whats for lunch

On most days, I bring in food from home lunch. Nothing assembled but things I can easily put together at work. I'm usually rushing around in the morning checking my email, catching up on my blog reading and gulping down some jet fuel while trying to make it to work on time. Instead I toss... Continue Reading →

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