Avocado: It’s whats for lunch

On most days, I bring in food from home lunch. Nothing assembled but things I can easily put together at work. I’m usually rushing around in the morning checking my email, catching up on my blog reading and gulping down some jet fuel while trying to make it to work on time. Instead I toss an avocado, a piece of fruit and some bread into my lunch bag and I’m good to go.

The piece of fruit is breakfast that I usually have with tea. But with the avocado and bread, I have avocado toast.

Avocado toast

With the bread popped until the toaster for a quick crisp and the avocado split in half and the insides cubed, I smear it onto the freshly toasted bread, season it and I have lunch.

So this might seem like n a pseudo-guacamole on toast to some of you but some restaurants actually have this on their menu and actually charge for it! For me it’s a quick and easy lunch. Despite the amount of fat in an avocado (it’s a healthy fat btw), it has several health benefits. Apparently even Alton Brown attributes some of his weight loss to including avocados in his diet. But I’m not quite ready for his avocado and sardine sandwich yet.

4 thoughts on “Avocado: It’s whats for lunch

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  1. Since avocados are soft and spreadable, I’ve always wanted to do this but was too scared to. Scared of what? I’m not sure. Perhaps of the possible failure of spreading green mush onto my bread. But if you say it’s tasty, I actually have some avocado left over that I can play around with. But I agree, I like fish, but green mush with some fishy mush is definitely something else.

  2. I ate avocados as a child – usually mashed and mixed with milk and sugar – like an avocado shake, but the avocados were not pureed. They were eaten in chunk sizes with the milk and sugar. Delivered lotsa energy. For some reason I’ve stopped eating avocados. I must relive those days and buy some. I’m not sure I would put it on toast though! 🙂

  3. Fattydumpling–
    I thought it was kind of bizarre at first but it’s so good and good for you! Try it with different seasonings and let me know what you think.

    I remember my parents doing that! And I’ve seen avocado shakes in Vietnamese restaurants too but haven’t tried it myself. Makes sense since avocado is so fatty.

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