Sweetness Follows: Rocket Fizz

There are not a lot of reasons to visit Vista (a northern San Diego County suburb) in my humble opinion. Why go to Vista when central San Diego has so much to keep me entertained and well-fed? This was until recently, when Rocket Fizz opened up at a Vista Village. I was first introduced to Rocket... Continue Reading →

Has Faygo in San Diego FayGONE??

The San Diego distributors of Faygo have gone out of business. Yes, you read that right… all you Faygo afficinados who've been doing searches for "where to find Faygo in San Diego" and have landed on this site. My first inkling was the decreasing stock and variety of Faygo in 24 oz. and 2-liter plastic... Continue Reading →

Finding Faygo in San Diego

Faygo is a constant on our household. Paul grew up with it in Michigan and I, due to Paul’s influence, grew to appreciate it as well. Every trip to the Midwest has always included a search for Faygo as well as some failed attempt to smuggle transport it back to San Diego. When we got... Continue Reading →

That’s why they make Faygo

Faygo and me -- we go way back. And by "way back" I mean Michigan in the 1970s. Paul here, doing a guest spot. I grew up in central Michigan, a podunk little bedroom community named Haslett. Some things left indelible impressions on me, including Domino's Pizza (it was actually really good in the years... Continue Reading →

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