Has Faygo in San Diego FayGONE??

Faygo San Diego Good Luck

The San Diego distributors of Faygo have gone out of business. Yes, you read that right… all you Faygo afficinados who’ve been doing searches for “where to find Faygo in San Diego” and have landed on this site.

My first inkling was the decreasing stock and variety of Faygo in 24 oz. and 2-liter plastic bottles in all the usual places (see map above). One of the few flavors left at Fat Boy’s Corner Store & Deli in North Park is Faygo Cola. The owner — a Michigan transplant — confirmed that his supply is drying up. Right about this time time, emails from readers started coming in and when Outwest Beverage Company failed to return several of my calls, I knew Faygo’s future in San Diego was in trouble.

Faygo cutout

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending how you look at it), Faygo is still available at various BevMo retailers as well as other specialty retailers like Iowa Meat Farms. But it comes at a price — the astronomical price of about $10 for a six-pack of 12 oz. glass bottles you can’t mix-and-match (CRV is not included). Faygo has always tasted best in glass bottles, but the flavor variety is very limited. You can still find cans of Old Fashioned root beer here and there, but prices hover around the $1 range for a sole can. There are a multitude of solutions to the supply problem that can be resolved with a trip to L.A. (Galco’s Soda Pop Stop and Rock Fizz come to mind) but to my knowledge, their supply is limited to glass bottles.

If and when sightings of the coveted and affordable plastic bottles show up in mass quantities again, I’ll update.

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8 thoughts on “Has Faygo in San Diego FayGONE??

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  1. What the what? Limited Faygo? No fair! I finally thought up a recipe and shenanigan to put in the works. But… I will make a trip to BevMo or Iowa Meats! Thanks for the update. You’re officially the BEST!!

  2. No need to make a trip to LA, we have Faygo soda in my Rocket Fizz store right here in Vista. I only stock glass bottles and always have Red Pop, Grape, Cream, Orange, Rock N Rye and Root Beer on the shelf. – Rocket Rob (rocketfizzvista.com)

  3. My buddies & I are all full-fledged Juggalos. Last night, one of them had his 31st birthday party. It was also our properly dubbed “2nd Annual Beer Pong & Faygo Fest”. Last year at this time, Faygo was all over the place in San Diego. Then I started hearing scuttlebutt about the stores in my area (Imperial Beach) not carrying it anymore. Sure enough last night, my fiance’ & I make a wild goose chase looking for all and any available Faygo. Luckily, 2 stores we checked still had some, out of about 10 stores checked. Bobar on Palm Avenue near Saturn in IB/Palm City had about 12-15 bottles of various flavors including RedPop, Raspberry/Blueberry, Pineapple & Ohana Fruit Punch. The guys running that store gave me a tip to check out their sister store on Broadway & Moss in Chula Vista. These guys had about the same amount (12-15 bottles) of a mixture of 60/40, Cherry Cola & some more RedPop. So I cleaned out both stores of their Faygo supply & we got to enjoy the party without a hitch. I don’t know who it was in San Diego that previously distributed Faygo, but they can’t be the only distributors in town. Somebody could & should carry it again.

    1. Thanks for the update. I’m envious about your beer and Faygo party AND discovering a hidden stash of Faygo in the South Bay. I attempted calling the distributors of Faygo several times with no luck. Shame. There’s a lot of people that are missing the easy access to Faygo.

    2. Whoop Whoop I’m looking for some Faygo and I come by over this comment hopefully you have some info on where to find it, just showing some wicked love ninjas.

  4. Unfortunately K Sandwiches doesn’t sell Faygo anymore. As a Gamzee (Homestuck) cosplayer this makes me very sad. However, a friend of mine who said she’s a juggalo found Faygo in Imperial Beach. They also sell Faygo at Old Town. A store called “Root Beer and Beef Jerky” (or something along those lines). Good luck any other faygo fanatics!

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