Halloween Costumes: Food Couture

Halloween has slowly moved from being solely a kid’s dress-up holiday to one where grownups actively participate. It’s especially evident when perusing any of the popup Spirit of Halloween stores; the adult costume area usually beats the childrens' costumes two to one. If my analytics are correct, a popular costume this year will be Louise... Continue Reading →

A Scene from Halloween 2011

While I normally don't dress up for Halloween, this was my shadow on the way to work on Monday morning. It was actually one of two costumes I wore this year. Can anyone guess my costume above? Back to regular food posts soon. This has been a very busy week.

The Monster Mash

As the chubby kid in elementary school, my mom never served us any of the sugar-loaded cereal for breakfast. We only got the occasional bowl of Apple Jacks. (Cue sad music.) So as an adult it's monster cereal for dinner when Halloween season rolls around! I love the near-fluorescent colors that are almost unworldly. I'm... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin carving ideas

Admittedly these last few years I've been lax in celebrating Halloween. Wearing black every day doesn't constitute as celebrating thank-you-very-much. And besides the occasional gorging of candy infiltrating my house (which also coincidentally is the type that I like) there no trace of Halloween. But I recently ran across ExtremePumpkins.com which has rekindled my interest... Continue Reading →

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