The Monster Mash

Monster Mash

Monster closeup

As the chubby kid in elementary school, my mom never served us any of the sugar-loaded cereal for breakfast. We only got the occasional bowl of Apple Jacks. (Cue sad music.) So as an adult it’s monster cereal for dinner when Halloween season rolls around!

I love the near-fluorescent colors that are almost unworldly. I’m sure it was because of those colors that my mom wouldn’t let us touch the cereal with a 10-foot pole. It’s great to be an adult.

Now if only someone would create Christmas/Ramadan/May Eve-themed cereal…

Have a safe and happy Halloween weekend!!!

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  1. I always loved the names of these cereals, even if my parents would never buy them for me when I was a kid. I really should buy a box or two.

  2. They make Christmas Crunch (Red and green Cap’n Crunch)! Brett’s mom bought a box one year, and Brett ate it again—the same box— the following year. I’m with your mom—I didn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

  3. what a totally RAD post! my mom hardly bought sugary cereals either. it was usually just plain cornflakes (ugh) or rice krispies (which were slightly better). i always coveted lucky charms. as an adult i had the revelation that i could buy my own damn cereal and eat whatever i wanted whenever! it was great! reese’s pb puffs were my vice until i got sick of them. 4 boxes will do that to you! ha ha.

    back in the early 90’s, my friends got me (as a gift), the bill & ted’s excellent adventure cereal! that was so awesome!

    which halloween cereal is your fave?

    1. Count Chocula! I’ve tried the “berry” flavors and I just don’t like the taste. Plus blue food is bad. BAD.

      Awesome about the Bill & Ted cereal. I had to do a search for it online to see what it looked like.

  4. Is it an Asian mom thing to forbid the purchase of sugary, brightly-colored cereals? Mine wouldn’t let me near any, so I binged on Froot Loops my freshman year of college. Also, Cocoa Krispies are awesome b/c they leave chocolate milk behind. Hm… time to buy some unhealthy cereal!

    1. I think you might be on to something…

      I overdosed in Cocoa Pebbles when I first moved out. To this day, I cannot stand the look of them. But I agree that the cocoa milk leftover is fantastic!

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