Home Renovation Food and Wiener Burgers

Unexpected weekend activities can lead to the most unusual places to eat, like our weekly pilgrimage to Home Depot and in one special trip, Dog House Diner. My first exposure to Dog House Diner was earlier this year with Erin Jackson, hamburger reviewer extraordinaire for Serious Eats. Erin and I had made previous visits to... Continue Reading →

Dog wars – A Labor Day battle

An opportunity to taste Hoffy dogs came to me earlier this year. Being one of never turning down hot dogs, I pounced at the opportunity. In addition to being gratis, the hot dogs were reduced fat. I immediately scoffed at the thought. Reduced fat hog dogs?? Insanity! Hot dogs should be filled with fat and... Continue Reading →

Miscellaneous oddities

I've been been holding on about posting on these items for a few months. There was never really an appropriate time to blog about them. Instead I just decided to combine them into this post.One of my favorite things when discovering a new ethnic market is perusing the aisles to discover new food items. Near... Continue Reading →

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