Dog wars – A Labor Day battle

An opportunity to taste Hoffy dogs came to me earlier this year. Being one of never turning down hot dogs, I pounced at the opportunity. In addition to being gratis, the hot dogs were reduced fat. I immediately scoffed at the thought.

Reduced fat hog dogs?? Insanity! Hot dogs should be filled with fat and unmentionable meat parts, extremely bad for one’s health. With the influx of a health-conscious society, companies have been trying to make hot dogs better by reducing fat and using quality ingredients. Incredulous!

Unfortunately, the hot dogs sent to me were wolfed down by the other occupant in my household before I could try them. But it gave me an opportunity to do a taste test of a similiar dog in size, Hebrew National, my dog of choice, also has a reduced fat version of their hot dogs. How does it compare to Hoffy’s version?

Hot dogs tryout

The first heat was on the new propane grill. Both hot dogs were cooked on medium for approximately five minutes. Perhaps it was due to the cooking method but once bitten into, the casing from the Hoffy dog separated from the meat. It didn’t bother me as much as my tasting partner, Paul. Taste-wise, both were similar… but Hebrew National edged ahead in my opinion. The grill only intensified the meaty meatiness. Meanwhile, Paul prefered Hoffy despite the casing separation.

The second (and final) heat was “Michigan-Style,” i.e boiled in water (not a prefered cooking method by me). The hot dogs simmered for ten minutes. Both dogs seemed to taste the same to me with all flavor being seeped out due to submersion. Paul preferred the Hoffy dog, especially its size ratio to the bun.

Overall, the Hoffy dog was less dense than its size led me to believe, and it had far less calories than the Hebrew National one. As for taste, it’s a toss up between the two dogs. Is there an easy way out of this dog fight? Let’s ask an expert.


A thanks to Britt McColl for the dogs and Paul for lending his tasting buds.

7 thoughts on “Dog wars – A Labor Day battle

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  1. While I try to stay away from hot dogs, generally, I will always succumb to a Pink's. Also – boiling them makes me want to gag.

  2. Hi Jenn–I feel the same way about hot dogs but once in a while, I just have to give in especially if in my refrigerator. BTW: Hoffy's supplies hot dogs to Pink's. Hi Nanette–Thanks!

  3. If I am going to go so far as eat a hot dog, it better be full fat! Otherwise, I'll just have a salad. 🙂 Fun post, though – and I won't be buying Hoffy's, as there is no way I can handle eating casing separated from meat.

  4. Hi Foodette–LOL! Fat is good! As for the casing, I'm thinking we might have overcooked in on the grill. I saw on the directions that only moderate heating is needed. Who knows!Hi Henry Chan-Thanks. I try to keep the humor and Michael Vick is free reign right now. I couldn't let that pass!Hi That Girl–I'll be on the lookout for those dogs as soon as I recover from these dogs. Thanks for the recommendation.

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