No wire hangers!

My side of the closet. Notice hangers that are the same color as well as the old retro Mac.I'm very territorial about my hangers. I like all my clothes on hangers that are neither wire nor wood but instead plastic and of course, all the same color. I spent a pretty penny on my clothes... Continue Reading →

No rabbits or Jesus

Nothing says "Easter" like Cuban food, so that where Darlene and I -- along with my parents who were in town for the weekend -- went to celebrate the day that has something to do with Jesus and bunnies.When we drove into the parking lot of Habana Cuban Restaurant in La Mesa, we were greeted... Continue Reading →

What hath potato balls wrought

My search for a potato ball in the Southland has led me to experiment with attempting to create them in the safety of my home. It should be easy, right? I've been eating them for more than a year. And during those times I've pondered and examined the objects in question, noticing the nuances of... Continue Reading →

Behold! The mighty potato ball!!

I've been meaning to blog about Porto's Bakery in Burbank for a while now. It's a Cuban cafe and bakery that is always packed on weekends. The Burbank location is the newest of two locations, with the original store in Glendale. Finding seats during the lunch hour rush is a challenge but the wait in... Continue Reading →

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