Spotted: Porto’s Bakery on television

On my last trip to Los Angeles about two weekends ago, I was locked out of Porto’s. I was three minutes late.

Regardless of how much I begged the lady guarding the entrance (“I drove ALL the way from San Diego!”) or my posse behind me (some guy who had come from San Francisco and was trying to inch inside if I succeeded in getting in), I failed at getting their potato balls. Oh how I love those hot balls.

So imagine the kick to my stomach when watching The New Adventures of Old Christine last week when I noticed a very familiar box. To be exact, the Porto’s Bakery box.

Familiar box

The main character Christine, played by Julia Louis Dreyfus lives in a Los Angeles suburb and pays a visit to her mother for Thanksgiving. I can only assume that Christine brought her mother some fresh Porto’s rolls but if I were her mother, some potato balls would have been a much better choice. Or at least the recipe.

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  1. JustJenn–You had me at the potato chip component.Jodi–I will give rellenitos a try next time.Geefunk–Don't we all. 🙂

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