Vegetarians Taste Better

It has come to this. I finally had a vegan donut. No milk and no eggs are listed in the ingredients. But no taste? That's a question that could almost be mind over matter. If you knowingly had a donut that didn't contain those tasty ingredients, would you dislike it on that premise alone even... Continue Reading →

Five pounds in two and a half days

My labor day weekend was a pseudo-honeymoon. Honeymoon because we really didn't do anything special after our wedding. And pseudo because we really wanted to go someplace neither one of us has been before like Alaska or our dream destination, the Galapagos Islands. But funds and my lack of vacation time is a barrier to... Continue Reading →

San Francisco treats

So my trip to San Francisco last weekend was a blast and, unfortunately, like all my trips, it was way too short and there was way too much eating. But it was a vacation so I absolutely had to enjoy myself while I was in the city surrounded by good food galore.The trip was momentarily... Continue Reading →

Back from San Francisco

I absolutely hate doing these one photo posts but until I have time to write here's a quick rundown of last weekend's San Francisco trip: expensive gas, chocolate factory tour, cupcakes, lots of rain, first time driving in the city and too little time.

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