Five pounds in two and a half days

My labor day weekend was a pseudo-honeymoon. Honeymoon because we really didn’t do anything special after our wedding. And pseudo because we really wanted to go someplace neither one of us has been before like Alaska or our dream destination, the Galapagos Islands. But funds and my lack of vacation time is a barrier to all options at the moment.

Yet we still needed a vacation and some time away from San Diego. The runner-up? San Francisco.

Earlier this year when I visited San Francisco, I explored the city on my own while Paul was working. I thought a second trip was in order to revisit the city and share some of the scenery with him. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that even 2 and a half days in San Francisco would amount to me gaining 5 lbs. Gah!

I blame it on the all- you-can-eat shabu shabu, donut muffin, macaroon, cupcakes, hamburgers, donuts and ice cream I consume. Yes, all that in in less than three days.

Regardless of the food consumed and the weight gained (which I immediately lost the week after thank-you-very-much), I’ll leave you with some photos from the trip until I post about the food adventures.

6 thoughts on “Five pounds in two and a half days

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  1. I'm glad you were able to lose the five pounds the following week!It's nice to be able to get away to someplace nice even if we can't afford our dream destination YET!

  2. Gloria–Yes, I was able to lose it after a few days since I barely eat anything at work.JustJenn–It was pretty fun. I need to do this more often.Alaya–Sweet food was definitely a part of it!

  3. I never did pop in here to congratulate you & Paul, but I hope the wedding was fabulous and you're enjoying being newleyweds :)My sis went to Galapagos with a group of people on a tour & it was a fabulous trip- she loved it.I'm going to SF this weekend, and I better not gain 5 lbs!!

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