Aching to go anywhere…

Being ill and stuck at home has me aching to go someplace far from San Diego and far from my sick, hot, tired bed. I've been trying to catch up on my reading (JSA tradepaperbacks on insistence of a friend, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix again and various magazines that fill my... Continue Reading →

Still coughing

I'm still not at 100% healthwise. Today I managed to struggle through an entire day at work with short interludes of going to the bathroom to hack up a storm. I guess I've officially fallen off the wagon regarding my addiction to Nyquil in order for me to get a good night's rest. So I've... Continue Reading →

How I feel — South Park style

This is how I feel at this very moment. I've been playing around this Web site all afternoon when I decided to home sick. I've been making South Park avatars of me... ...and my boyfriend. Thanks to Nerd Werd for the site.

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