I’ve been taken out by the Comic Con

I had an entire week off and yet near the end of the Comic Con, I was taken out by a sore throat. Despite feeling crappy Monday morning, I still trudged off to work but didn’t complete my work day so I can go home and sleep. It always seems a bit suspicious when a coworker calls in sick immediately after some time off. But damn it if it didn’t happen to me this time.

So I’m stuck at home, watching crap TV and whiling my time online.

Some things of note:
-Just saw Gwen Stefani’s video for Hollaback Girl on MTV2. The girls in the video remind me of people I went with to high school. The song is catchy and I’ve heard it coming out of cars in Hillcrest but I have no doubt it will be a regular song for high school’s bands this coming fall.

-Didn’t spend as much money at the convention this year as I did in previous years. Got some nifty tees and a wallet at Gama Go, found and bought a DVD of War of the Garguantuas and got some neat stuff by Seonna Hong. Stuff I wish I did: go to the “Lost” panel discussion and track down Dan Slott. Also photos from the convention can be seen here.

-Back to my high school days, I was a huge Smiths fan. It has waned over the years but if I were in London, I would love to catch this musical. I guess that means I’m officially dead now that a band I’ve followed as a youth has it’s own musical. Damn.

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