All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much

I didn’t bake Paul cake last year and he’s been harping how it’s been 11 months since I promised to bake him a Boston cream pie. Oops. Busy year!

I wanted to make it up to him and somehow redeem my laziness. Marriage does that to you. So instead of sticking with the Boston cream pie, I made two more cakes: red velvet and spice — his other two favorite flavors. Three cakes are better than one, right?

Mini birthday cake dessert platter

I had the idea to make all the cakes miniaturized because the last thing we need in this household are three full-sized cakes. Problem was that the cakes were more difficult to make because of the quantities needed. Third of an egg? What? That’s crazy. I should have referred to the Small Batch Baking cookbook but I forgot I own it. Instead I got the recipes from which scales the recipes to servings indicated.

The cakes turned out OK and were gone the next day, which is always a good sign. But I’ve determined never to do that again and just make a full-sized cake and just eat the consequences.

Silver dragees
On the flip side, the silver dragees didn’t kill us even if they are illegal in California.

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