Kardashian cupcakes? No thanks.

When I saw these cupcakes at Gelson’s Market in Sherman Oaks, I thought it was some kind of joke. But it was in Los Angeles after all and I guess anything goes there. Even cupcakes by a gaggle of faux-celebs whose only reason for fame is by who they date/marry and their reality t.v. series. Unfortunately my low resolution cell phone camera doesn’t accurately show all of the Kardasian girls on the label and in what I deem in a ridiculous pose that would be better suited for say, a perfume ad. Besides, I don’t bring my full-sized camera into grocery stores, although I’ve spotted Sherilyn Fenn, Lance Henricksen, the dancing dwarf from “Twin Peaks” and Mac Scorpio from General Hospital there on previous occasions.

Their brand of cupcakes — Famous Cupcakes — were on sale for $8.79 (originally $9.99) for 12 mini cupcakes. Choices include red velvet, hot chocolate and “va-va-vanilla.” The cupcakes are also available fresh from two locations in Los Angeles as noted on their Web site. As for me, I’m going to stay away from any celebrity-endorsed grocery product even if it is cupcakes.

7 thoughts on “Kardashian cupcakes? No thanks.

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  1. In the bakery department they also had an actual-size Kim Kardashian butt cake, but we couldn't get a shot of it without tiling several pics together.Joke.

  2. Jennywenny–I know right? I can't imagine spending that much when I can make it at home.The Food Librarian–The definitely are. I'm hoping they don't invade the fruit aisle anytime soon.Our Man Horn–Heh.

  3. Sasha–I agree. The only thing these girls know how to sell is their image.JustJenn–I know of the F Cup cookie and tried it last year!Check it out here.

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