Friday’s Fast-Food Fishtacular! – The Sea Dog

For the next few Fridays, I’m going to review fish sandwiches from various fast food chains. Seems that everyone loves comparing burgers, fries and shakes. I figure it’s time we shed some light on our fishy friends. Just so you know, this isn’t a Catholic/Lent thing. It’s a “Wha–? They sell fish at Wienerschnitzel?” thing.

Wienerschnitzel logo

The Sea Dog

For less than two bucks you can get a fish “sandwich” at Wienerschnitzel. I put “sandwich” in quotes because it’s really just a hot dog with a long plank of fried fish and iceberg lettuce where the frankfurter should be. GENIUS! The only thing that kind of freaked me out about it was their tartar sauce. It’s a semi-translucent goo with bits of pickle and onion. It looked more like snot, or when you leave the mayo out all day. I like my tartar to be as opaque as ice cream.

The Sea Dog

The whole thing tasted fine, though. The soft bun makes you think you’re having a hot dog but instead, fish! The fish itself was tasty, if unremarkable. I wonder if it would’ve tasted better with a splash of malt vinegar?

Wienerschnitzel also has a Fish and Chips and a Fish Wrap as part of their “UnDer the Sea Trio,” and both are more expensive than the Sea Dog. I haven’t tried either of them, but I’m curious about the Fish Wrap… will it taste like the morning newspaper? Mmm… tribune-y!

Our Man Horn

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