A woman is as old as she looks before breakfast

I used to live next to a senior citizen retirement home. My apartment window was right next to an elderly couple’s window and every morning, I could hear them wake up around 5:30, putter around and start their day. My grandmother used to tell me that when you get old, you want to wake up before death. Well… ok….

Fast forward ten years later. I wake up at around 6 a.m. on the weekends. I have things to do, places to go and I want to do it before noon. When you get up that early you realize there’s fresh bread coming out of the oven at Con Pane.

Con Pane's on Rosecrans
Con Pane Rustic Breads & Cafe is located at 1110 Rosecrans Street in Point Loma. It’s actually on the way to my weekend-morning trip to Fresh & Easy and on most Saturdays, I see the place is packed. Sometimes people are waiting out the door.

Cinnamon roll
There are a variety of sandwiches and breads to choose from but one of their crowning achievements are their cinnamon rolls available with or without raisins. The icing is not overly sweet, nor the dough too heavy, but a lovely combination of a rich egg dough intertwined with cinnamon. The cinnamon rolls usually sell out early on the weekends, a testament to their popularity.

Savory bread plate
Their breads are also very good — a crusty exterior enveloping a chewy and flavorful interior. Full loaves are available but the baker’s plate is a nice way to sample a variety. The baker’s plate is available in either savory or sweet with your choice of three breads. The savory plate is accompanied by olive oil, goat cheese and pesto while the sweet plate has preserves, butter and cream cheese. It’s a plate meant to be shared; the samples are extremely generous. Some exceptional ones to try are gruyere and chive and kalamata olive loaves.

Con Pane's menu
Con Pan Rustic Breads and Cafe is closed on Wednesdays and will be moving to a new location down the street at Liberty Station at the start of June. Luckily, it’s still within route of my weekend errands because there’s nothing like fueling your day out with delicious, freshly baked bread.

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