Who put the “pop” in the “soda pop?”

Our refrigerator is a collection of things eaten throughout the week and condiments we can’t live without. Upon a deep cleaning of it one day, I noticed the collection of sodas/energy drinks we have gathered throughout the years. Stuff we never had any intention of drinking but sit there on display in the refrigerator.

It’s a neat little collection, nothing I have pursued to collect on a regular basis — we collect enough things as it is — but they are a little bright spot in the fridge.

Collector cans
I’ve only had Ramune, a Japanese soda, once. There is a glass marble you need to press through in order to drink it and it remains at the neck of the bottle. I purchased The Vamp and Zombie cans from shops similar to Hot Topic and are 4-8 years old — I can only imagine what they taste like. I recall seeing the Go-Go can in a magazine (they had to redo the artwork because of the panty shot). I always wanted to say “I’m going to open a can of Whoop Ass!” in conversation but I have an unopened can instead. As for the tiny can of Coke, it was smuggled off the plane from British Airways in 2002.

Very old Jones Soda
Remember when Jones Soda was the coolest, new thing? We customized a few bottles as a promo for Paul’s Cool Jerk one summer for the comic convention. We thought it would be a sweet collectors item, and it turned out to be very expensive per bottle (it costs quite a bit to ship a case of glass bottles). And the few people who bought it drank it immediately instead of paying the exorbitant concession prices at the convention center. As for the brussels sprout- and turkey & gravy-flavored soda, no one is willing to drink that!

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  1. My friend got me the holiday Jones sampler with Turkey & Gravy, Brussel Sprouts, Herb Stuffing and Apple Pie. The Herb Stuffing soda was the only one I tried and it was revolting. My friend took one sip of the Turkey & Gravy soda and then immediately poured it down the sink without a word.

  2. Hi Darlene
    Wow, that’s some old stuff in your fridge! 🙂 Liked the info on the GoGo can!

    I don’t know if I could take a sip of turkey/gravy soda or brussel sprout flavor. Although, I did try celery flavored soda in Chicago and it wasn’t too bad.

    We love Ramune! We just had three diff’t flavors this week.

    While at Universal Studios earlier this year, I was tempted to buy these energy drinks at Kwik-E-Mart – “Flaming Moe’s” and “Duff” but I didn’t!

  3. Kirbie–
    My biggest fear about Ramune is accidentally swallowing the marble! Neat concept though.

    I should really through out those sodas. I doubt they would have improved with age and I don’t like brussel sprouts.

    You can have JustJenn sodas!

    We have a lot of weird stuff in our refrigerator. I’m afraid to have a guest over and accidentally drink it. I need to find those Simpson drinks to add to the mini collection

  4. I just came from your blogger blog and found out you moved from blogger to wordpress. Funny this is that I’ve been blogging with wordpress for years and just recently, I moved to Blogger.

    Cheers! 😉

  5. hi darlene
    i’m sure you can find it online somewhere. they also had a large donut (lardboy) in a box…but the duff looked pretty real. of course, it wasn’t beer but an energy drink. the flaming moe’s would look great on any fireplace mantel in my opinion. it would go well with my simpsons pez.

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