Twenty-four hour donut people

Mary's Donuts

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping lately. I blame in on our teeny, tiny mattress. A mattress, that originally belonged to me originally purchased in the 80s. Additionally with two full grown adults sleeping on a full sized bed, things can get uncomfortable. And have I mentioned I talk in my sleep when I do manage to get some zzz’s? Paul has some stories to tell including full on conversations with me.

With the lack of sleep, it’s good to know there’s a 24 hour donut shop open right across the street: Donut Star. It usually satisfies my cravings for donuts BUT for the best donuts in the county open 24 hours, it’s in Santee.

Mary’s Donuts is a tiny little shop located on Mission Gorge Road next to a car wash. It’s a bit of a drive but the donuts. Ohhhhh my… tender and fresh… And you know they have good donuts when they have donut on the roof of the shop and the smell of  donuts wafting from the doorway.

Cinnamon sugar cake donut

The plain glazed donuts evaporate in your mouth — always an indicator of a good donut. As a fan of cake donuts, the cinnamon sugar version does not disappoint. The donut is tender and soft and can almost rival the the glazed donuts in texture but with a little more heft — just the way I like it. There is a slew of other donuts available: blueberry filled, crumb, old fashioned, maple  bars, cruellers — way too many to mention but some of the best selection I’ve seen.

Donut holes

Mary’s Donuts also has a selection of donut holes based on the plain glazed donuts but with sprinkles on some as well as a cake donut hole rolled around in cinnamon and sugar. Donut holes are a deal at six for $.49 and a dozen for $1.49 while a dozen donuts are offered  at $6.59 for a dozen and $3.69 for a half.

Donut selection

And much like other donut shops, Mary’s also offers apple fritters, super twists, croissants, bear claws, cinnamon rolls and muffins — most the size of a small child’s head. Not for the meek of heart or the small of appetite but for the someone in need of  fresh donuts whether it be in the morning, afternoon or middle of the night, a godsend. Now only if they delivered.

Mary Donuts
9031 Mission Gorge Road
Santee, CA 92071

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  1. How funny, I just went here last night. After we had dinner I told Jake there was a donut place I’ve been meaning to go to. He asked if I wanted to go and I said, “Yeah, do you mind?” And he said, “Why would I mind? All we’re going to do is go back to my place and do nothing.” The French Crullers were my favorite. I didn’t take any photos though, so that just means I have to go back!

    1. We took a load of photos inside the place. The people are very aware and let their coworkers know there is a camera going off. But donuts for dessert are a fantastic idea!

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