Rollin’ With My Homies

There are two ways to experience the best flavors from one of the best chefs in San Diego.

One way is to spend $125 for the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival and attend the grand tasting on Saturday, where the likes of Deborah Scott and “Sam the Cooking Guy” Zien will be exhibiting. The second option is to visit one of two locations for Harney Sushi and to taste the creations of executive chef Anthony Sinsay.

Anthony Sinsay with Harney Sushi

While Chef Sinsay will be attending the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival — the same festival where he was name “Chef of the Fest” last year for his sou vide kobacha with agar agar and truffle malt foam— his San Diego connections are deep. Chef Sinsay reigns from a Filipino family from the South San Diego and is a graduate of my alma mater (his older brother and I took a several video production classes together). It’s hard to have the last name Sinsay in San Diego and remain somewhat anonymous.


There are many opportunities to check out this up and coming chef, even if you can’t afford attend the food fest this week. But in my opinion, beating the crowds and just going to to Harney Sushi is the best option. Although many of the menu items are sushi-based, a look closer reveals some Filipino-inspired ingredients. Long string beans anyone?

San Diego Bay Wine & Food Fest runs November 17-21; more information here.

Harney Sushi’s Old Town location is at 3964 Harney Street, San Diego, CA 92110. Or you can visit the Oceanside location at 301 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92054.

4 thoughts on “Rollin’ With My Homies

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  1. hi darlene – yay! props to a filipino brother!

    i’ve seen this guy’s name in print before, rave reviews of his food. i wonder if he’s related to a friend of mine, ed sinsay. ed is a morse grad (early 80’s). his younger sis is my age. that last name isn’t that common.

    are you going to that food festival?

  2. Yes, Sinsay isn’t very common. I wouldn’t doubt if they were related somehow. I am not going to the food festival. Besides, it’s going to rain this weekend and I need to save my pennies up for Christmas.

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