A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

December Nights Reindeer

Another year has come and gone. While I’ve been away from my computer, I certainly have not stopped eating.

Here’s a few things of note that have happened while I’ve been on pseudo-sabbatical:

  • I did bit of guest inking for Paul at CoolJerk.com. Influenced by the thick, lush eyelashes inked by Vince Colletta on many Jack Kirby strips, I volunteered to ink a strip for Paul for one of my gags, DIE-Fi. You can read the strip here or read about the process from Paul’s point of view here. Please be kind if leaving comments. It was my first time.
  • While Christmas was a stay-at-home affair (standing prime rib and Yorkshire pudding!), New Year’s Eve was spent at Urban Solace to experience their $50 per person four-course meal. For a first-time experience, everything was amazing and well worth the price. While Paul opted to go for the lobster, soup, fish courses, I went full fat with foie gras, salad and pork belly. We were stuffed by the time dessert course rolled around. Photos don’t do the meal justice but you can view the menu here.
  • On New Year’s Day we headed up to Los Angeles to participate in Oshogatsu (Japanese New Year) at JustJenn’s place. Food, food and more delicious food. What more could a person want than all-you-can-eat mochi and spending hours playing Beyblades? Check out JustJenn’s rundown here or read FoodLibrarian’s account here.

Hope you all had a very wonderful start to 2011 too!

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