And Bacon was His Name-O

Bacon Bingo

Bingo conjures up images of blue-haired ladies in large church cafeterias with lucky troll dolls trying to win it big. But what if  it’s bingo that involves bacon? You get BACON BINGO!

Every Wednesday in January, North Park’s El Take It Easy holds a Bacon Bingo with a chance to win a pound of bacon each game. Bingo sheets are free — one per person per game — but the fun? Priceless. Bacon bingo happens approximately every 20 minutes from 7:30 until closing.

Eyeing the beehive

El Take It Easy, the sister restaurant of The Linkery and both founded by Jay Porter, accepts no reservations. It’s on a first come, first serve basis. Gratuities are also included in the final tab.

There is one remaining Wednesday this month to play Bacon Bingo and it may be gone forever. But you can still purchase your own pound of bacon at either restaurant even after the month has passed.

Just remember to scream BACON if you get five numbers in a row. Lucky troll dolls are not included with the bingo sheets.

El Take It Easy
3926 30th Street

San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 255-8778

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  1. I used to play a lot of bingo before my friend moved away. We would take photos of our food back then, too, and would hear the church ladies wondering why on earth we were taking photos of our food. Bacon bingo sounds awesome!

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