A “Foodie’s” Dilemma

Foodie definition

In just the last few months, I realized that I cringe when I hear the word “foodie.”

It’s even worse when I’m the one considered a “foodie” especially when it’s known that I have a blog about food. If you’ve read my About Me page, I admit detest that word, especially what it has come to connotate lately: a food snob. Or specifically someone who looks down their nose on certain foods if it’s not (fill in the word of choice here): organic/expensive/from a Michelin restaurant/grown within 60 miles/hand-crafted or hand-brewed/something trendy/etc. It’s along the same lines a calling someone a “geek” or “nerd.” While the original intention was good, it’s gone on to mean something much, much more extreme. And often times unpleasant, depending on who you talk to.

While I do appreciate all the above— mmmm… organic— I do like the simpler things in life. When I’m sick, I love to indulge in Jack in the Box’s Breakfast Jack because frankly, it makes me feel better. And I don’t care if a dish is simply seasoned with regular table salt. That’s just how I roll.

It's all about the syrup

Upon a recent conversation with Paul at Brians’ American Eatery, I just had to laugh at the whole situation because I made a big deal about the syrup. Yes, the effin’ syrup.


Taking a bite of my waffle.

Paul, you have to try this syrup. It’s AMAZING.

What do you mean?

It’s the best syrup I’ve ever tasted. Come on, have a try! I think they infuse their syrup with vanilla because it’s so. freaking. good.

Paul takes a taste from a teaspoon.

What do you mean? It tastes like regular pancake syrup to me.

Flagging down the waiter…

Excuse me, what kind of syrup do you serve here?

We switch between Mrs. Butterworths and Log Cabin every week. This week we’re using Log Cabin. Five-gallon jugs.

Paul trying to contain his laughter.

I’m SO glad you didn’t ask him whether the syrup is “infused.” This is Brians’. I’m pretty sure your waffle came from a mix as well.


The message behind the story? Sometimes pancake syrup— even fake stuff in the bottle— is pretty darn good.

Brians' American Eatery

19 thoughts on “A “Foodie’s” Dilemma

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  1. That was awesome! Hey, I like to make pancakes from a mix, too. Whenever I “make my own batter” it tastes weird. Boxed pancake mix is not so bad. Apparently neither is fake maple syrup.

    I’ve been thinking I want to change the name of my blog so “foodie” isn’t in it anymore, but I can’t think of anything good. Maybe I will be hit with inspiration soon.

  2. LOVE this post. I feel the same way about the term foodie. It feels snobby! I even like to say it with a Thurston Howell III accent. I love food; I’m interested in food; I have a food blog; but I’m not a snob at all. I’m not ashamed to say that I like Kraft Parmesan cheese, Pillsbury crescent rolls, or, yes, Log Cabin syrup. There’s room for everything in moderation 🙂 (P.S. on our recent trip to Vermont we tasted several actual infused syrups and the vanilla was delicious.)

    1. I love crescent rolls and their cinnamon rolls are also my favorite. Just pop open the can and ready to bake.

      Anti-foodies unite! Heh. I’m so glad you agree with me because I love talking about food too. Thanks!!!

  3. You nailed it. I call myself a foodie but have friends who wouldn’t dare call themselves that and scoff at anything that’s not organic/grass fed/sustainable/artisan/[insert 21st century marketing term].

    I like TJ hot dogs and Jack in the Box tacos with ranch and foie gras and coq au vin and terrines and charcuterie with cornichons and anything else that tastes good.

    It’s that simple, and that’s my definition of foodie.

    1. I totally forgot about sustainable and artisan! And I loooooveee TJ hot dogs.

      Thank you for your definition of foodie. I absolutely agree with you.

  4. hi darlene – great post and yeah, i cringe with the word ‘foodie’ because of its negative/snobby connotations. although i like eating all kinds of ethnic food, i prefer the stuff i make at home or made by my mom (her Filipino food is way better than mine). i’d pick dinuguan or squid adobod over meyer ranch/jidori chicken/blah blah blah any day. although i have some friends (non food blogger friends) who think I’m a ‘foodie”, I don’t consider myself one.

    Us normal people can’t afford shopping aregularly t farmer’s markets or Whole Foods or belong to a CSA. I mean there are some folks that think that anything non-organic or not from a local farm is tantamount to heresey and therefore we should all be shot into a mass grave for eating fast food. okay, not really, but you know what i mean.

    speaking of syrup – have you ever baked bacon with maple syrup on top? try it with cracked black pepper too. yumm!

    1. Thanks CC! For the record, I have never had jidori anything but I love food especially the homemade kind.

      I will definitely try your bacon with syrup on it. Sounds delicious!

      1. i haven’t had jidori chicken either but i wanted to cite it! and i meant ‘niman ranch’ not meyer! ha ha.

        i like dennis’s term, ‘food curious’! 🙂

  5. Hi Darlene. I agree, I think the word Foodie has gradually taken the place of the word Gourmet which it was first trying to distinguish itself from. I don’t know maybe they’re all the same. I thought about this a lot in the past and came up with “Food Curious”.. Which I’m so so happy with except maybe it kinda sounds like Bi-curious haha.

    1. Okay, food curious is a fantastic term. And I’m so glad you came up with it. I think it accurately defines a natural curiosity about food without an ounce of snobbiness.

  6. You do need a new word! Foodie has been usurped, like you said. There should be a word for folks who just love food, any kind of food that tastes good! Dennis, I love that “Food Curious.” Food Adventurous would also be awesome.

    And then there should be a separate word just for people who analyze syrup. My word for those people shall be Darlenes. 🙂

    I really dug my Eggs Benedict at Brians’. The eggs probably didn’t come from free range chickens with Phd’s, but, like you, I don’t care! It was good!

    More importantly, the company was awesome. Food is something that should bring us together, not cause class warfare. The people you share dinner with, the conversations had over a good meal? That is way more important than where the damn chickens got their degrees. I’d eat Kraft Mac & Cheese with you and Paul any day, and it would be the best meal ever.

    1. The kindest words ever! ❤ I would have mac and cheese with you good folks any day. And if we were eating pancakes, I would bring the Log Cabin!

  7. How about Fooder? Or Foodum? Or Foodahodian? I actually like Foodie, but I never realized it had negative connotations or was snobby. My apologies for calling you such, Darleney! I don’t mean to make you cringe. I love you for claiming Jack in the Box and Log Cabin syrup. I have never considered myself a foodum, but I have hidden my secret love for Kraft macaroni and cheese. Now I no longer have to. 🙂 Foodahodians Unite!

    1. You’re the 3rd person in my life who has called me Darleney and I love it! The only two gals were spunky and fun just like you. No love for Kraft macaroni and cheese should EVER be hidden!!

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