Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

Last year, I set a goal for myself. To blog at least twice a week. It made sense. I had plenty to say and was always cooking and of course, always eating. Well it started off pretty well but somewhere in 2011, I dropped off to once a week.

There’s a reason for that drop off. Earlier this year, I started freelancing for Tree.com and help run their Food & Dining Channel. It’s exciting and while it’s still in the infant stages and quickly growing, it’s a challenge I look forward to despite working on the weekends. But it has it’s rewards: I get paid to do what I love. While I’m not the only blogger, I actually manage a team of fantastic people just as passionate about food as I am.

I still maintain my day job, my weekends and nights are filled with this project and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy.

This isn’t a note to say that I’m giving up on My Burning Kitchen — it will always my baby.

Some highlights of what I’ve contributed include:

I have some fun posts planned so be sure to check out the website on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

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  1. Hi Darlene, I think having posting goals are great. I remember setting mine at seven per month which is about the same as yours. But anyway thought two per weekend was doable for me and consistency is a good thing. Anyway good luck on your new freelance gig! I always wished I could write more eloquently like some of you (canine cologne and moowiesquared included). I try the hardest just not coming off as a total idiot on every post, blech. haha. But I find blogging about what I eat very fun.

  2. No way! We’ve been watching Food Network Star and I just can’t but stare at that big head. But, if you say you have a bigger head than Giada’s? I’m going to have to see proof.

    I’m taking a summer break from my blog. The Summer of Margie, here I come.

    1. I think it’s balanced out that she’s really skinny and so her head look proportionally larger than the rest of her. Have a great summer break!!

      1. Thanks, you too!

        Your head is no way bigger than hers. No way. I am jealous of your smile. I have tiny, baby teeth. 😦

  3. hi darlene – what a cool side gig (and a paid one at that!). saw some of your posts on the site…did you take those photos? they’re gorgeous! that’s cool you were able to interview giada and not guy fieri.

    @dennis – eloquent? uh, okay….seriously? from foul mouthed me? ha ha

    1. @CC – Haha. But you guys seem to do it effortlessly. I feel like I’m walking through molasses when I write.
      Yes, nice photos Darlene!

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