And I’m Just A Devil with Love to Spare


I love Las Vegas. Unfortunately, not the modern Las Vegas but Elvis Presley’s version from Viva Las Vegas. Even the old signage from old town Las Vegas has some allure. The modern day strip is a bit too bright, a bit too loud with men divided into frat boy douche bags dressed in Ed Hardy or elderly gentlemen in resort wear. Where did all the men in the nice suits ready to impress go?

For our second wedding anniversary, Paul and I headed to Las Vegas. Not because of the allure strip but because of the desert–the desert that Paul longs for and takes hours to reach by car from San Diego County. So like last year where we headed out to Joshua Tree National Park, we headed to Valley of Fire State Park, a hour outside of Las Vegas.



Elephant Rock


Like the name, the rocks are a fiery red. While my pictures just don’t justice to their vivid color, the rocks were majestic–the most famous being Elephant Rock. Some had ancient petroglyphs still intact.

While we enjoy the natural wonders during the day, we sought out the unnatural wonders at night, namely Las Vegas nightlife.



You’ll blow a head gasket seeing a gondola ride— on water— on the second floor of the Venetian! Artificial sky, cobblestone roads and shops galore. Casino after casino has its own extravagant architecture.

But this isn’t all about architecture or natural wonders found in the desert, the food is equally important. Las Vegas has become a mecca for celebrity chefs. That’s a post I’ve reserved for another time and another blog.

And speaking of Las Vegas celebrities, I’m going to end on this note: I prefer Ann-Margret’s turn as Ann-Margrock on The Flintstones over her overly spastic dancing in Viva Las Vegas.

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  1. OMG, we went to Valley of Fire on our honeymoon last year! We just drove through on our way back home from Zion, isn’t it amazing? We want to go back another time to explore, when it isn’t 110 degrees!

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