There’s Still No Cure For The Common Birthday + Giveaway

Guess whose birthday is coming up? Mine. To celebrate slowly dying growing a year older, I decided to share it with you. What’s the fun of having a birthday if you can’t share it?

Max Brenner in Las Vegas

Chocolate pizza

In my recent trip to Las Vegas, I visited Max Brenner, a fantastic boutique chain that specializes in chocolate: breakfast, lunch, dinner and did I mention chocolate pizza??

His restaurant in Las Vegas not only serves meals but has a small adjacent shop specializing in all things chocolate: soaps, glassware, shirts, you name it. While it’s all really nice, it’s the food that’s amazing. Max Brenner has other locations around the world and unfortunately, limited places around the U.S.

But here’s my chance to bring a bit of Max Brenner to you. Leave a comment between now and the end of the day onΒ July 4 and I’ll randomly select one person to receive a Max Brenner gift set. Included in that gift set is:

  • Hazelnuts Β – caramelized hazelnuts rolled in praline cream and fine cocoa powder.
  • Orange – milk chocolate cubes filled with orange peel praline and caramelized pecan bits.
  • Praline wafer – milk chocolate and hazelnut cream covered crispy wafer.
  • 100% Pure – pure dark chocolate thins.
  • Favorite Honey Walnut – honey chocolate cubes filled with praline cream and walnut bits.

And it’s all wrapped in a cute box. How can you resist the packaging? It’s funky and not overly cute. Plus it’s filled with delicious chocolate. So leave a comment if you want a chance to have this for yourself.

Good luck!

34 thoughts on “There’s Still No Cure For The Common Birthday + Giveaway

  1. Chocolate pizza sounds like an awesome idea. I remember seeing it last year in Vegas, but didn’t go. Someday!

  2. Hope your birthday is a happy one, Darlene! Thanks for sharing and I want some chocolate!!

  3. yumm that looks amazing. i just booked a trip to vegas for the first week of december for my birthday/wedding anniversary/rock and roll marathon celebration. maybe we will hit this place up.

  4. I totally just found your blog randomly on Facebook because of a recipe on the Dolce Gusto page πŸ™‚ I’m glad I found it! Your blog is AWESOME! I’m excited to see what you’ve posted in the past in order to try new recipes as well as the awesome things to come! Blessings to you! πŸ™‚

  5. Happy soon-to-be-birthday! I have one coming up soon, and I’d love to get the Max Brenner gift set. I guess I haven’t been to shops at Caesars Palace in awhile, but I will on my next trip to Vegas

  6. Happy birthday! I just faced the big 4-0 and lived to tell the tale… πŸ™‚ Love your blog which I only recently discovered via some San Diego blog links.

  7. Chocolate!!! Yes it should be deemed one of the major food groups. And have never visited this place in Vegas but if I get back I will certainly look them up. And birthdays are great…I have had 66 of them so enjoy and Happy Birthday.

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