Across the Border: The Original Caesar’s Salad in Tijuana + Recipe [Infographic]

Mexico sign at entrance

The food scene in Tijuana is heating up… and it’s not all tacos.

Hotel Caesar's exterior

During a recent trek across the border with other local food bloggers, we spent an entire day eating our way across the city from tortas to craft beer. While there was no standout (everything was fantastic), the day ended with a visit to the reopened and renovated Caesar’s Restaurante Bar, the birthplace of the Caesar salad.

Caesar salad being made

Even though a trip to Tijuana isn’t easy for everyone — especially those who live outside San Diego — the recipe for Caesar’s salad is easy to replicate at home. (Check out the video here.)

Click on graphic to enlarge

Read about the rest of the trip from our gracious hosts and travel guides, Kristin and Antonio from Life & Food here. Be on the lookout for a food-based Tijuana tour this May from Turista Libre scheduled for May.

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  1. I always thought Caesars salad was named after Julius Caesar. I learned something new! Cool graphic too.

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