Home Renovation: New Flooring, Goodbye Popcorn

There’s a theory I recently came up with for all you married folks. If your spouse wanted to have every word in the planning of your wedding, it’s likely that they will want every word in renovating your new home. It’s just a theory but I think it holds some water.

With that said, I think prior to sealing the deal and saying “I do,” you might want to see what kind of taste your future spouse enjoys. Do they like winter colors? How do they feel about wood vs. tile vs. laminate? 

Having lived in a condo rental the entire time we’ve been together, it’s only now that I realize that our tastes slightly differ. While we both like muted colors (grays and sage), I differ slightly by wanting something with a little pattern. Like say on the rug or on a bed sheet or comforter.

Mike with flooring

Jim Nichols at Bolt Flooring averted matrimonial disaster by finding something we both loved.

Bolt Flooring has no brick-and-mortar location. Instead, Jim, the owner and master installer, meets you at Rayo Wholesale in Lakeside to discuss and select your flooring.

Sure, it’s a long drive (for us) to choose flooring but we’re saving a lot on total cost because they order direct from the manufacturer. If you’re thinking that the selection is sparse, that’s far from the truth. There’s almost too much to choose from but Jim (thankfully) asks a lot of thoughtful questions that eventually lead to a few select choices.

“Do you think the color of the floor is trying too hard to coordinate with the carpet? What do you think about something darker? How will that work?”

When prices for the flooring started to dig into our budget, Jim met us at Lakeside a second time to find a way to cut our costs. He was completely understanding and helped us cut our costs even further. (We were creeping up on almost $7,000 for flooring — yikes.) Eventually we reduced the total cost by $400 while not compromising on what we really wanted: laminate downstairs and carpeting in the bedrooms and staircase.

We eventually agreed to low-pile, gray muted berber carpet that didn’t show lines when vacuumed.

While we would love real hardwood everywhere, due to expense we both agreed on wood laminate in a few select areas. In the end, we ended choosing something that replicated the look of tile. To say we love the laminate and the carpet we choose is an understatement. Frankly, I cannot wait to see the current carpet disappear.

Flooring samples

Also helpful? Bringing in paint chips to help narrow down the selection without trying to guess how something would look against each other rather trying to remember the exact tint of something and wondering if it clashes with our selection.

During our torturous wait for escrow to close, Paul and I both agreed to have the acoustic popcorn ceiling removed. Frankly, we think popcorn is ugly and having it removed would modernize the place. (The townhome was built in 1973.)

Popcorn free ceiling 2

From the onset we went with Fine Touch Painting, run by Guy Beauregard, who previously removed the acoustic ceiling from our condo a few years ago. He’s fast, efficient and thorough (he dismantles the light fixtures to remove all traces of acoustic popcorn). For our new place, the estimate to have all the popcorn removed was over $2,000. A bit understandable since two rooms upstairs had sloped ceilings taller than 12 feet!

Not wanting to blow our budget, we decided to only have the popcorn removed from visible areas: the living room and hallway (which also includes 12 ft. walls) with a plan to have the remaining popcorn removed from the bedrooms later. Thankfully, it cut our cost by half. And Guy gave us an added perk: he painted the hallway for no additional fee. We are so happy with the results. When it comes time to remove the rest of the acoustic ceiling, there’s no doubt we’ll give Fine Touch Painting more business.

Popcorn free ceiling

Total spent so far:

Flooring: $4,132
Installation: $2,000
Acoustic ceiling removal: $1,200


Bolt Flooring

Fine Touch Painting

4 thoughts on “Home Renovation: New Flooring, Goodbye Popcorn

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  1. Really love that we get to go on this new home adventure with u. It’s going to help so much when my husband and i find a get a place of our own 👍👍👍

  2. I totally agree with your wedding/renovation theory! Travis has very distinct ideas on what he wants, but most times I’m able to nudge him in the direction I want to go. He’d love your gray/slate color scheme, though!

    I’m glad you have a good acoustic ceiling removal guy – you’d think removing light fixtures before scraping is a given, but I can vouch that not all contractors do that! And, it’s something you don’t think about until you’re ready to change out the light fixtures!

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