Friday Fast-Food Fishtacular — Burger King’s Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich

As I mentioned in my previous Friday Fast-Food Fishtacular post, I avoided reviewing Burger King’s BK Big Fish simply because it’s a pale imitation of the long-since-retired Whaler. But since I gave McDonald’s some attention, I figured I should give equal time to Burger King. But I was too late to the party — I discovered Burger King retired their BK Big Fish!


In its place is their new (?) nautical offering they call the Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich. Huh. Even better reason to try it out.

Burger King fish sandwich

When you only have six LEGO bricks to play with, there are only a few ways to stack the pieces. That’s how I see fish sandwiches. You’re going to have a top bun, a portion of fish, some sort of tartar sauce, and the bottom bun (preferably in that stacking order). Other items like lettuce, tomato, cheese etc. may or may not be part of the equation. Burger King’s new fish sandwich doesn’t really bring anything new to the table… but maybe that’s OK.

Burger King fish sandwich

What we have is a four-cornered, half-inch-thick slab of fried white fish, using (I think) the same breading and/or fry oil as their chicken sandwiches. On top of the fish is a small handful of butter lettuce and some awkwardly sliced pickles. The bun is new to me (a bakery-style roll) and both the top and bottom were buttered with tartar sauce.

Flavor-wise, the Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich is average. As mentioned above, the fish itself had the aftertaste of their chicken sandwiches. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Wendy’s has the same affliction and the take-away is that makes the flavor a bit more memorable (opposed to Jack in the Box, A&W, Sonic, etc.). The tartar sauce was semi-translucent, which kind of makes my stomach turn. The bun was fine and well-proportioned in hand (opposed to their product photos which make it look like a desert tortoise). It’s a bigger sandwich than some, though smaller than Carl’s Jr. or Arby’s. If memory serves, it seems smaller than their old Whaler sandwich.

On the Burger King website, I learned the standard sandwich has 590 calories with 31 fat grams and 1,480 mg of sodium. You can customize your sandwich with an online calculator, so a five-patty sandwich racks up 1,450 calories. Which I guess is convenient if you want five sandwiches but not all that extra bread.

The Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich is $3.59 and is a regular menu item, not seasonal.

Side note: I ordered this via the drive-thru. I asked for the “fish sandwich only, please.” (This was to differentiate it from the meal combo.) I was asked to repeat it. So I said “FISH. SANDWICH. AND. SANDWICH. ONLY. PLEASE.” Then a different person came on and asked what I wanted. Holy crap. So I then said “I WANT THE SANDWICH MADE FROM FISH PLEASE.” Then there was radio silence. I pulled ahead and when I got the order from the window, I was asked if I wanted ketchup. *thousand-mile stare*

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