Friday Fast-Food Fishtacular— Carl’s Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich

As I was running errands a few days ago, I noticed that Carl’s Jr. was advertising a new fish offering: the Carl’s Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich. Did someone say “charbroiled?” Not breaded? Not deep-fried? I already tried their sub-sea behemoth, the Carl’s Catch, a few years ago… would this new sandwich be a contender? A return to Carl’s Jr. — aka Hardee’s if you’re reading this from the other side of the Rockies — was in order!

Carls jr Logo

This sandwich is a far cry from their previous deep-fried fish option, the Carl’s Catch. First, it’s grilled. Second, it’s served in a tasty honey wheat bun. The rest of the sandwich are de rigueur — lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce — and no real change from the Carl’s Catch, except the sandwich builder went a little overboard with the lettuce. But back to the fish.

Carl's Charfish

The grilled Atlantic cod portion was robust and lightly seasoned. It tasted very much like a sandwich you could replicate with little effort, opposed to breading and deep-frying a fish patty by hand at home. This gave it more of a “comfort food” feeling than any previously reviewed fast-food fish sandwich. The only drawback I found was that the charbroiled fish somewhat flaked apart while eating (whereas fried fish keeps itself together). The engineers at Carl’s Jr. foresaw this and wraps their sandwich much like In-N-Out does.

Carl's Charfishbite

I’m surprised to say this, but Carl’s Jr. has nudged its way toward the top of the list of fast-food fish offerings. It certainly tasted better and was more memorable than all but a couple other franchise sandwiches. For $3.99 it was a filling, though smaller, sandwich than Carl’s Catch. The Charbroiled Atlantic Cod has 420 calories and 15 fat grams, clocking in far below Carl’s Catch (710 calories/38 fat grams).

Good job, Carl. You reeled me in as a repeat customer.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Fast-Food Fishtacular— Carl’s Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich

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  1. We tried them last Friday alongside some sweet potato fries. MUCH healthier and MUCH tastier than other fast food fish sandwich combo options. I’m not much of a fast food fan, but Carl’s surprised me, too!

  2. Interesting, looks worth a try! If I remember right the Carl’s Catch seemed like two of their fish sticks placed between bread. 😦 I noticed Wendy’s premium fish (north pacific cod fillet) is back yesterday driving.

  3. I really wish I tried this at a restaurant that actually knew how to prepare it. I went to the local Carls Jr and they might as well have served me a chunk of charcoal in a bun. The fish I had came with fifth degree burns. Hands down the worst sandwich I ever ate in my life.

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