A Glance at Grocery Store Donuts: H Mart and Whole Foods Del Mar

In my mind I had several posts ready to go: a cookie recipe, another restaurant in my neighborhood of Kearny Mesa, a food delivery service and some random food stuffs. But I didn’t have the heart, at least this week, to do a post on them. Instead I shifted through photos and found random donut shots taken during two recent grocery store runs.

Sweet Rice donut

I’ve mentioned H Mart before but didn’t mention Paris Baguette embedded inside the store. The bakery carries a bunch of carb-loaded sweets which include cake (both whole and individual slices), bread, croissants and donuts. Like many Asian desserts, the donuts aren’t too sweet and are made with rice flour which imparts a chewy texture. Other donut varieties include twists, pumpkin-filled donut holes and sweet potato sticks, all starting at $1.

Bacon donut

Stay Classy San Diego donut

Whole Foods Del Mar recently opened and, of course, I had to check it out. To avoid disappointment, I usually skip the donut area but I’m glad I checked out this store’s selection. What initially caught my attention was the bacon donut: pieces of bacon adorn a raised donut with maple and chocolate icing. While I’ve had better, other donuts include a Boston cream-style donut, another topped with white icing and strawberries and the cheekily named Stay Classy San Diego!, a plain glazed. All donuts are vegan (with the exception of the one with bacon) and made in-store with a price of $1.99 each.

Donut box leftover

One thing I miss about my last job (besides the paycheck) were Donut Thursdays. Donuts and bagels were a welcome sight on deadline day but it seemed like no one wanted a full donut for themselves. Donuts were always being cut in half and by the end of the day, the donut box was always a sad sight. This one in in particular looked like the scene of a gruesome crime with a sugar twist and jelly-filled victims.

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6 thoughts on “A Glance at Grocery Store Donuts: H Mart and Whole Foods Del Mar

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  1. Hello, bacon donut! I’m hosting a bacon crawl with my co-workers at the end of the month, and I spotted that Alchemy does maple-bacon pastries for weekend brunch. I may just have to trek out there and get a bacon donut for comparison’s sake.

    I’ve tried a few of the donuts at Paris Baguette and none have conquered my heart yet. There’s still time, though. I’m also patiently awaiting the opening of Donut Bar downtown…

    1. There’s a lot to take it so I’m not surprised you missed it. I only saw it on my second visit. I need to try the strawberry one next.

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