Cross Country Road Trip Part II: Cleveland Pit Stop

It took us four days of driving to get to our pit stop in Cleveland. To read the first part of the cross country road trip from San Diego to Maine, go here.

Upon arriving in Cleveland, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed us with open arms into their home. We were road weary and glad to be in a place where we could relax for more than 24 hours. If you ever consider taking a cross country road trip like we did, try to stay with relatives. They don’t mind you hanging around doing nothing, take you in at weird hours and, more importantly, feed you.

It was the first time on the trip we got to sleep in without having to be anyplace. We were able to decompress, organize the car (this is very important), do laundry, and for Paul, take a conference call on a freelance project.


My brother and SIL are great hosts. Once I woke up, they took me to an Amish general store, End of the Commons, where I had my first taste of fry pie. The blonde pastry doesn’t look much but it was the best handpie I’ve ever had. It was flaky and full of flavor — I’ve never tasted anything like it.



The drive around rural Cleveland also involved a trip to Walmart so I could see Amish buggies lined up as they went shopping inside.



It wasn’t until this trip that I understood the complaints about apples in Southern California. In Ohio, I saw and tasted more than 10 varieties at the Patterson Fruit Farm. The farm also had their own bakery with an amazing selection of donuts including a version using maple harvested on the farm.


The rest of the day was spent relaxing, taking a nap, and watching Doctor play with his canine cousin, Honda. It was a much needed, uneventful day.

Next: Maine and back!

5 thoughts on “Cross Country Road Trip Part II: Cleveland Pit Stop

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  1. Every time we go back east to PA, we make at least one stop at an Amish market – they make the best baked (and/or fried) treats! And butter. Amish butter is delicious. One day I’ll figure out how to bring butter home on a plane.

  2. Oh wow those donuts looks sooo good! And that horse is beautiful.

    Honda is such a cool name for the dog? Did they name it after a car (I’m thinking it was a meaningful first car or something?).

    Happy new years eve to you, the family, and Dr!

  3. Soooo enjoyed reading about butter burgers and fried pies and pastees! I love the midwest goodness. Really, really glad you had a wonderful journey. Happy NY my friend.

  4. Horses and buggies! I saw Amish once while in Missouri. It didn’t seem real, haha. The fry pie looks amazing and the blueberry donuts look different than the ones we have here.

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