Guessing Game: Pizza or Flatbread?

Has the term “flatbread” become interchangeable for pizza? For me, flatbread was always something plain or lightly dressed. Think crackers but not coming from box. But as of late it’s taking on a new look. Fully loaded pieces of flatbread are common on menus. And often times it requires it to be eat with utensils.

I thought it would be fun to compile a bunch of recent photos and have you guess which is which. Unfortunately, I don’t have any nifty prizes to share but the fun is trying to figure it out, right?? Answers follow the photos.

Beet Flatbread


Great Maple


Think you guessed correctly? Everything but the last photo is flatbread.

The first photo is beet flatbread is from downtown’s Urban Bar & Grill. Next is La Jolla Brewing Company’s “The Pearl” flatbread alongside a taste of Nitro (their stout is delicious BTW). The third photo is Great Maple’s prosciutto di parma flatbread. And lastly, Napizza’s breakfast slice – the only pizza in the group. Did the photos stump you? Let me know what your thoughts are and let’s try to figure this out.

4 thoughts on “Guessing Game: Pizza or Flatbread?

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  1. Everything looks pretty tasty to me! I’ve tried that breakfast slice before. I actually liked the egg on it; when they heated it up, the yolk got a little more cooked, which made me happy.

  2. Apparently, my brain calls round ones pizza and rectangular ones flatbread. But those all look tasty! I always thing of flatbreads as something that you could eat room temperature, but pizzas are best enjoyed hot (or cold out of the fridge).

  3. Like Leanne, I thought the round one was also pizza! Silly since I’ve had plenty of square pizzas before. There looks to be a lack of tomato sauce on all of the flatbreads, maybe that’s another indicator, along with the thickness of the crust.

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