Classic Cartoon + Kitty Cookie Recipe

They just don't make cartoons they way they used to. And there are so few that can leave viewers weepy like “Feed The Kitty,” a classic Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by the legendary Chuck Jones. Watching an episode or even just hinting at it, will leave Paul with moist eyes. Though it was originally released... Continue Reading →

Bargaining chip cookies

My Thanksgiving four-day holiday was great. I got to sleep in late, eat a ton of food, nap and catch up on a stack of things to do. One of the things I wanted to do was get a start on the Christmas cards. My rough sketch for our holiday card.Since last year, Paul and... Continue Reading →

Eater’s Digest

A few months back, Darlene and I were in a Cost Plus wandering about the import cookies and chocolates, and a shiny blue cylinder caught my eye. "Digestives?" Well, the photo on the wrapper showed what looked like a wheat cookie with chocolate on top. So we bought some and tried them out. Yeah, they're... Continue Reading →

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