A strange conversation at Comic-Con (and it’s food related)

The past few days, I actually had a few food-related conversations among talk of pop culture and, egads, comics. Possibly the strangest and most surreal was with David Arquette, you know… Courtney Cox’s (of Friends) husband.

Why I was in line to meet him and Paul Reubens, I really don’t know. It seemed to be common thing to be swept up by the tide of people and somehow find myself grabbing a shield to promote 300 or shirt for The Ghost Whisperer. How else do I explain all the crap I acquired?

But I digress. On Friday afternoon, I found myself in line to meet the cast of some movie and among them was David Arquette and Paul Reubens. I was more excited to talk to Paul Reubens about his hilarious role in 30 Rock but found myself in front of David Arquette instead.

I don’t know anything about Mr. Arquette and didn’t want to be blubbering about something I don’t know just to make conversation. Then a light bulb turned on in my head and I asked him about Ribs USA.

Two plates from Ribs USA and an overload of sides

“Hey David. I saw your photo up at Ribs USA in Burbank and you signed it as your favorite ribs place. I ate there because of that and, well, my experience was less than favorable.”

(David Arquette slightly taken aback.)
“Sorry to hear that. What did you have?”

“The baby back rib tips. The meat was really fatty. But what really disturbed me were the peanut shells all over the floor. Really disgusting. I could’t finish my dinner. Further I can’t believe Courtney lets you eat that type of food.”

“Uh, security…?” David snapped his fingers to people beyond my peripheral vision.

I continued (hastily), “The wait staff at Ribs USA was really, really friendly and they offered to turn off the A/C when they saw us shivering. They provided extra side dishes when the cook goofed the order. In all, it was a meal for three-and-a-half, not two. I really wanted to love the food and embrace it as my favorite rib joint, but I just can’t.”

Apparently David Arquette loves this place

I’m not sure David heard the last bit, as I was quickly ushered away in handcuffs. The first rule of celebrity meetings is not to talk about their photos in restaurant establishments. Sometimes if you see a photo in a restaurant, it doesn’t always mean the food is good.

As I was being escorted out of the convention center, I squeezed off this shot as a reminder of better places to eat in Burbank.

Big Boy holding a faux burger

*Actual events may vary.


It’s one thing to ‘converse’ with someone via Blogger but another to meet them in person. JustJenn was one person I communicated with via our blogs and when I discovered that we had more in common than food, say comics, we decided to meet at the comic-con of all places. Jenn knew what table I was stationed at and on Friday morning, I was surprised by someone introducing herself as Jenn.

I fear that I was being too loud because I’m usually not like that. But despite our quick exchange of words, I have determined she’s one cool cookie. And speaking of cookies, she dropped off a batch of her crispy peanut butter cookies for us, complete with a comic con/Bruce Timm inspired label! She’s a woman of my own heart.

Delicious cookies from JustJenn!

Jenn also sells some very cute stuff on her website, some even available at Target.

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  1. How funny – love your "story" about David Arquette!!! And those cookies sound pretty darn yummy.

  2. i cracked up reading this, D. i thought i'd read something in the U-T about this incident!Totally hilarious. Clever clever post, D.Well, i know nothing about DA except he's got sistahs in show biz and i think his grandfather or uncle was a regular on Hollywood Squares, something like that. i figured Mr. Courteney must have his photo up at Pink's, too – ya thinks??JustJenn's got some cool shwag, and that must've been super cool to meet a fellow blogger in person. i've had the great opp to meet a few fellow bloggers (ones i don't know "in real life") in the last year or so and hope to meet more! How tasty she brought you some snax. i like that!Sounds like you and CJ could use a vaca after last weekend's festivities at the Convention Center! PC & i had thought of going to watch T.Gwynn's HoF induction ceremony on the big screen at Petco Park but we thought about the parking sitch… and thought better of it!Hope you will post some more pix from Comic Con here, if not i'll Czech yer flickr…

  3. Isn't JustJenn awesome? I ❤ that gal! And I loved all your Comic Con pics! My husband went for work and I'm a little sad I didn't go with him, although he said a lot of people smelled awful, so I'm not sure exactly how much I missed.

  4. Hi Foodette–Thanks! I really did talk to David Arquette about Ribs USA but everything else, well… I went a bit fictional on the rest. The cookies from JustJenn was fantastic!Hi Kleopatra–Glad I made you laugh. I actually went to Ribs USA before the start of Comic Con and was about to blog about it before the event. But when I saw him and took a photo, I realized that I had a way to weave the two events together. It was by chance that I took a photo of his photo at Ribs USA not knowing this would happen.We're tired and had Monday off. I think this is the final post about Comic Con.Hi Nanette–JustJenn is too cool and a great baker! Maybe next year you can go and we can meet? Jenn mentioned that she might have a booth for 2008. And YES! There were tons of smelly people. Didn't help that it was humid outside.

  5. Hi Jenn–Yeah, the name Ribs USA should have been a warning sign. Thinking of the meal is making me gag now as I type. I'm placing an order for cookies as I type… :)Hi Photogirl–I seriously know nothing about David Arquette! Oh well.

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