On my list: a cookie that beats all cookies

Part of my personality is that I like to make lists. Either on paper or in my head.

My basic lists comprise of things to do, work projects to finish and grocery items. But I also have some other lists such as the top stores I would like to have a blank check for (Apple Store), defunct groups I would pay almost anything to see live (The Smiths) and my favorite cookies.

Well, as of today, my top cookie list has changed. The mighty snickerdoodle which originally held top place is now relegated to second after a taste of the dainty macaron.

Colorful macarons

I’ve always thought macarons were pretty with their bright colors and quaint shape. But I never ventured to try one. I always assumed it tasted like the meringues I grew up with: dry, a bit chalky and overly sweet for my taste. And I assumed that for many years as I avoided them like the plague.

Tender raspberry macaron

I was wrong. So wrong that I regretted never trying it until today.

I picked up a box of 12 macarons from Opera Desserts at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market this morning and consumed them within a few hours. Each unique flavor was decidedly delicious: chocolate, cappuccino, pistachio, raspberry, pecan caramel, cinnamon, dulce de leche, eggnog… the list goes on.

Even Paul (favorite cookied is Toll House minus the walnuts), a hardcore cookie junkie claimed that they were addictive. He met me cookie for cookie as I consumed each one of those lovelies down.

Now with an impending trip to the Chicago/Cleveland, I’ve just added another thing to seek out while I’m vacation — a bakery that sells macarons.

9 thoughts on “On my list: a cookie that beats all cookies

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  1. Wow, I've never seen macaroons that look like that. I've always pictured the coconutty things. But in a quick glance at google image results it seems there is a equal amount of this type and my type. I am intrigued!!

  2. Jodi–I forgot about the ice cream sandwiches at Milk! Mmm…Caveman–Back at ya.Sarah–Admittedly I had my head scratching between macaroons and macarons. I'm familiar with the type you mentioned but I guess the French version is made with almond flour. I recommend you find some to try!

  3. Pretty cookies. Macaroons were my late grandma's favorite cookie. I will have to visit the Hillcrest Farmers' Market when I get home; we'll be home for all of June! Let's get together.

  4. Horn–Dude! You need a manicure….!Mrs. Wong–Definitely! I'm sure I'll see you when I get back from my trip.

  5. Mmmmm…almond? I'm intrigued! Would they be even better dipped in chocolate? (A la chocolate dipped almond horn?)

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