Bouchon Blunder

It was either  the dryness of the desert or the food hangover from the night before, but whatever you do, never EVER call the beignets at Bouchon Bakery a donut hole.

Donuts Make Me Go Nuts

My fascination with donuts is a love-hate relationship. I love to eat them but I have never made them, fearing the long process it takes. My love for them has spawned an entire page in my journal what kind of donuts I would serve if I had my shop. Donut necklace anyone? But my fear... Continue Reading →

Even in Beverly Hills they eat donuts

Questions that often haunt my thoughts when visiting Los Angeles are whether the glittery, moist people in Beverly Hills put their pants one leg at a time? Or lose socks in the dryer? Or have bad hair days? Or even, do they eat donuts?I don't have answers for the first three questions, although I question... Continue Reading →

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