Small (And Not-So-Small) Jobs + Alpine Donuts

Honey-do list

One of the things I hear the most often from my friends who have homes is the need to find a dependable person to do the small things around the place. Installing sinks, fixing light fixtures, building a fence – you know, the ongoing to-do list that comes with owning and wanting to constantly improve your investment.

A new-to-me term is the “honey do list.” Upon first hearing it, I immediately thought it was honey-infused carbonated caffeine fix ala Mountain Dew. Silly me, it’s actually a list of small jobs around the house for your spouse to do.

With Paul and me being first-time homeowners of an older home, our list seems insurmountable. Replacing and installing sinks and other tasks beyond our ability requires someone we can trust. Enter Skovmand Solutions.


Paul and I know Jim Skovmand from the good old days at the Union-Tribune. His reputation as a dependable, hardworking and award-winning employee was known throughout and beyond the newsroom. He’s also quite the handyman, having helped build a house from scratch in his youth and working in hardware stores before landing a career at the newspaper. He was laid off last year and now runs Skovmand Solutions in his spare time. And he’s in high demand.

No job is too small for “Skov.” So far he’s replaced all our locks (knock one item off our to-do list), removed and installed both bathroom sinks, demolished/repaired various trouble spots and offered priceless advice to us (especially helpful as we navigate this business of homeownership). And depending on the job, his hourly rate is approximately $40-50 an hour. It’s a quite deal for quality work, plus he’s a super nice guy who takes pride in his work.

Alpine Donut

Discovering my predilection for donuts, Skov brought us an infamous Alpine donut on a recent Saturday. Measuring in 7 inches in diameter and nearly 2 inches tall, it’s a sugar bomb monster that’s packed in pastry box that would normally hold a cake!

Alpine Donut 2

Keep Skov’s number on hand for advice, small projects or where to find one of the biggest donuts in San Diego County.

Skovmand Solutions

14 thoughts on “Small (And Not-So-Small) Jobs + Alpine Donuts

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  1. Glad to see your new place is coming along, Darlene! And, wow, is that a big donut!

    I’ll definitely keep Skov in mind once we (hopefully soon) get our own place and need a handyman-type for small projects and big donuts.

  2. Awesome… we’ve been in search of a handyman for those projects that are not big enough for a contractor but too much for us to get done in our “spare time”. I’m jealous of your to-do list… it looks so short compared to ours!

  3. Skovmand was always a cheerful co-worker! So happy that he’s got this new gig. I only wish we didn’t live 3000 miles away, cuz I’m sure we’d hire him? …tell him “hi” from me. =)

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