My morning commute

Last week, I started work at my new job in Irvine. Pluses include the great work hours (I get off work at 1 p.m. on Fridays!), the pay and I return to work full time on a Mac. Downside, at least for last week, was the commute. The work day starts at 9 and while... Continue Reading →

I am a consumer whore

I haven't explored unknown parts of L.A. in while and decided this Sunday to explore the infamous Santee Alley in downtown.One more than one occasion, I have been told about this shopping haven. A literal alley flooded with people, vendors, merchandise and bootleg items. My trip to Santee Alley was spurred by a Business page... Continue Reading →

I love room service

I normally don't order room service because of the steep fees associated with it but it was included in my hotel stay during a recent trip to Los Angeles. It seemed especially luxurious when I decided to order cereal for breakfast. I have to admit that I felt really spoiled.My room service items included raisin... Continue Reading →

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