A day spent exploring Ventura Boulevard

There usually isn’t much for me to do on Mondays. While I should really be working, I actually spent most of the beautiful Los Angeles day exploring Ventura Boulevard by foot.

Venture Boulevard and Laurel Canyon
One of my favorite stretches is near my apartment on Laurel Canyon. There are a lot of cool shops and amazingly, parking is no stress since there’s an ample lot at the back. I can browse at the Gap, pick up something at Starbucks or find a book at Bookstar. What I especially enjoy is the people watching.

One pot pasta at sunset
But the day was not lost on Ventura. I actually had time to cook my one pot pasta. An easy project that involves a lot of chopping. While boiling the whole wheat noodles, I chop the chicken breasts into bite size pieces. Drain the pasta and brown the chicken in the same pot. As the chicken browns, I chop mushrooms, tomatoes, zuchini and open a can of sliced black olives. The chopped veggies are then tossed in with the cooked chicken and that I flavor it with tons of garlic. The noodles are added and it’s ready to eat after a sprinkling of grated parmesan and romano cheese.

Leftovers? Of course. The whole reason I invented it and enough to last me through a week of work.

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