Airplane survival kit

So I'm off to the airport tomorrow for a weeklong vacation. If I wasn't so harried, I would have packed myself a nice breakfast to take on the plane. I am flying Southwest Airlines on a 4-hour nonstop flight to Chicago and the most I expect is a measly little snack pack. But since I'll... Continue Reading →

I quit

A confession: I've been feeling overwhelmed with blogging. I've been officially been posting on My Burning Kitchen for three years. From what started as a place where I would occasionally post crazy ramblings mostly about food has morphed into an almost real job. I've been feeling burned out and stressed whenever I thought about blogging.... Continue Reading →

Flashbacks: The End

I'm going to put an end to these flashbacks after this post. It must sound like someone droning on about a dream they had last night and you're only half listening. Yeah, you know what I mean. Tea sandwiches onboard the cruise in 2005.Without further ado, here are links to my posts about my cruise... Continue Reading →

I’m passing the buck

It's been kind of a hectic here in Irvine but I have visited a few cool lunch places the last few weeks. But I still need to upload my photos and write the snippets. Instead I'm going point to a few places I've been visiting during my down time at work.-When In Roam: A blog... Continue Reading →

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