I’m passing the buck

It’s been kind of a hectic here in Irvine but I have visited a few cool lunch places the last few weeks. But I still need to upload my photos and write the snippets. Instead I’m going point to a few places I’ve been visiting during my down time at work.

When In Roam: A blog by my former coworker from Los Angeles. Andy is a talented copy editor but is currently in Taiwan for a few months. Especially interesting are his recent eating adventures: a toilet-themed restaurant and consuming a snake.

Carter’s Chronicles: A blog updated by two people whom I also worked with in San Diego and their newest addition: Carter. I’m eager to see if he picks up his mother’s smarts and his father’s wit. In addition, he’s really cute.

Elmo Monster: A blog about eating in Irvine and the surround areas. The reviews and the photos always make my mouth water. He/she has an adventurous palate that always guides my next lunch destination.

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