I quit

A confession: I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with blogging. I’ve been officially been posting on My Burning Kitchen for three years. From what started as a place where I would occasionally post crazy ramblings mostly about food has morphed into an almost real job.

I’ve been feeling burned out and stressed whenever I thought about blogging. So instead of outright quitting, I’m taking a break for one month while I recharge my creative spark. In my place, Paul will be blogging for me about food-related subjects.

Paul suggested the idea to me two weeks ago when I told him about my thoughts abandoning my blog. He went as far as saying that he’ll blog at least nine times this month. Maybe even every day. I know the blog is in good hands so I’m officially handing My Burning Kitchen off to him for the month of March.

See you in April. Darlene out.


Paul is the creator of the formerly syndicated newspaper comic strips-now-online Cool Jerk. He is the author of Hodabeast, a book of collected strips between the years 1991-1996 and is working on his second book, Chickadoowa. Paul is frequently mentioned on My Burning Kitchen as taste tester-slash-co-conspirator and he looks forward to blogging his butt off.

9 thoughts on “I quit

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  1. Don't feel overwhelmed. This blog is fun to read! I'm glad Paul's jumped in to keep it afloat though!

  2. I only recently discovered you. Boo. At least the blog will still be around. And I didn't make the connection to who Paul is. I've met him at Comic-Con and have read Cool Jerk off and on. Small geeky world it is, eh?

  3. ditto everyone else. I will miss you. You better come back 🙂 But I'm sure Paul will be great too*hope you liked that complete disregard for punctuation.

  4. You will be missed, but I understand. Rest up, and I look forward to reading your posts in the future…you were my first blog-sphere friend (tear)!

  5. Hi JustJenn–Thanks for the words of encouragement!Hi Jodi–Oh! I'll be around and I'll be leaving comments on everyone's blogs. That's too bizarre about Comic Con.Hi Nanette–Aw… thanks!Hi Kirk K–Thanks! I will enjoy reading everyone's blogs on my break.Hi Sarah–Man, I totally loved the the disregard for puncuation!Hi Photogirl–I'm going love not having to blog.Hi Foodette–Aw. I'll be around reading your blog too!

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