Marshmallow mess

The problem of my job is being exposed to food articles of my choice or not. If I have time, I often peruse the wires for either travel, art, state and food articles. Friday was slow and this recipe for homemade marshmallows grabbed my attention. I had seen organic marshmallows being sold at Whole Foods and always wondered how they tasted but never took the chance.

It seemed simple enough to make and I had most of the ingredients at home (sugar, light corn syrup, powdered sugar, corn starch, sliced almonds, chocolate chips). Little did I know how messy it would be. The first clue should have been the corn starch. Boiling it was easy but pouring it into a bowl while it was hot (249 degrees to be exact) was heavy. It didn’t help that I still had a touch of tendonitis but I carried on. But actually coating the cut marshmallows in a mix of corn starch and powdered sugar was the last straw. Didn’t help I was wearing black and had already cleaned the kitchen. I can’t say it was exactly worth it but I’ll bring it to work tomorrow and see the response.

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