Yo quiero tacos

If someone wanted a tour of the San Fernando Valley -- an eating tour -- I could think of multiple places to take them. There are places to buy food, to eat food and get snacks. Yeah, I'm totally in with the 818 (area code).But when the Kogi BBQ Truck (which I've been virtually lusting... Continue Reading →

Five pounds in two and a half days

My labor day weekend was a pseudo-honeymoon. Honeymoon because we really didn't do anything special after our wedding. And pseudo because we really wanted to go someplace neither one of us has been before like Alaska or our dream destination, the Galapagos Islands. But funds and my lack of vacation time is a barrier to... Continue Reading →

No wire hangers!

My side of the closet. Notice hangers that are the same color as well as the old retro Mac.I'm very territorial about my hangers. I like all my clothes on hangers that are neither wire nor wood but instead plastic and of course, all the same color. I spent a pretty penny on my clothes... Continue Reading →

These are the people in my neighborhood

I love my neighborhood. Almost everything is within walking distance. Or if I dare, I can bike there as well. Mission Hills is centrally located in San Diego: downtown is only three miles away and it takes me 15 minutes to get to work.Recently, Mission Hills has been hosting Mission Nights every third Wednesday of... Continue Reading →

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